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What We've Been Cooking

As the COVID-19 limited our in-person interactions in 2020 and early 2021, the be.well team at Cincinnati Children's got really creative in finding ways to connect their patients with each other with fun social and learning activities, while providing opportunities to help meet occupational therapy goals outside of the clinical setting.

Through a partnership with La Soupe and The Mad Piper Bakery, kids got to select baking or cooking tracts. Each week, they'd have the opportunity to explore new foods and recipes. The program culminated in a contest, like our Food TV favorite, Chopped, where the kids received a secret box of ingredients and got to come up with some culinary delights.

The Association of Volunteers has a love of cooking and baking as well. Years ago, we published our own cookbook. We loved watching what the kids came up with each week. Now you can see what they were cooking, too!

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