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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Do you love to garden?  Or, do you have a teen who needs some volunteer hours?  The Association of

Volunteers, the same group that brings you Design Cincinnati benefiting Children’s Hospital is proud to partner in support of these programs.  Sign-ups are open through July 3rd.  Click here to register.

This event is our second in a series of new virtual wellness programs.  It will be an adventure, and we are excited for it.  It represents a departure from the in-person wellness work we have done for seven years, but the concept is unchanged.  be.well anywhere is an effort to ensure that kids with different abilities have equal opportunity to participate in the things that bring so many of us joy. 

Our virtual gardening program is an 8-week sensory gardening program.  It will include a video-based sensory educational series and Bloom Zoom meetings.  We will conclude our event with a celebration at Gorman Heritage Farm, pending the COVID19 Fall status.

Garden Partners will be an integral piece of this virtual program, just as they are in many of our in-person events. As a Virtual Garden Partner, you will serve as a motivator/cheerleader and frequent point of contact for your assigned gardener. You will also help the participant with daily homework accountability(e.g., how are your plants looking today, did you water them, etc.).  We will ask you to help us form a backup greenhouse, growing the same sensory garden as your gardener, in the event that plants fail. We hope that you will also share your own gardening journey with them. 

 Thanks for your consideration. This is a great program that makes a big difference… and everything can be done from the comfort of your own home!  

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