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Formed in 1964 to provide "tender loving care" to children at the Convalescent Hospital, the Association of Volunteers remain steadfast in their mission to provide funds for innovative programs, research and equipment to improve the quality of care given to patients.  The members of this fundraising auxiliary group worked year-round to plan for Art & Antiques Festival, and now Design Cincinnati, and ensure that each year is even better than the last.

To date, the group's events have raised nearly $4 million to help kids receive the care they need to live healthier, happier lives. Here are just a few examples of programs supported by the festival over the years:

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation therapy

  • Division of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and the aquatic therapy program

  • Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

  • Pediatric rheumatology research

  • Research for traumatic brain injury

  • Funding a full-time chaplain for the cancer and blood disorders program

  • Project SEARCH, a vocational training and employment program for persons with disabilities

  • Funding for a Lokmat high-tech therapy device

  • Funding a dedicated chaplain for the College Hill Campus

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Throw back to last year's event and the introduction of the Heads or Tails game. Guess how


The Cincinnati Art & Antiques Festival has been a part of the fabric of Cincinnati since 1966. A high-end antiques show, and a show with a philanthropic benefit were both relatively new concepts at the time. But the nine volunteers, called Angels, were definitely on to something. Not only has the show continued to grow and evolve over the past five decades, but also it has raised millions of dollars for the Convalescent Hospital for Children, thanks to a roster of hundreds of volunteers.
The first Festival welcomed eighteen distinguished antiques dealers, and earned a net profit of almost five thousand dollars. As the tradition continued over the decades, a festival could be expected to showcase nearly fifty different antiques vendors, and would earn well over $100,000 for the Convalescent Hospital.
The Festival’s most prominent location has been Cincinnati’s beloved landmark, Music Hall. However, it was initially held at the Carousel Inn, the Alms Hotel and the Sharonville Convention Center.
The Angel Gabriel has been the group’s symbol since 1970, symbolic of both hope and strength of their purpose. As we enter our 51st year, we celebrate our move to the Anderson Pavilion at Smale Park. We applaud a new group of home decor vendors and artisans.  We proudly our announce our new name, Designing Cincinnati. Yet the Angel Gabriel remains our beacon and our mission remains steadfast to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

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