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Time to Get Dressed!

Now that we're all homebound, do you find yourself in a new uniform of yoga pants and t-shirts? Or workout clothes, with the workout being optional? Or maybe, quite possibly, you're realizing that, if you don't leave the house, there's no reason to get dressed at all.

Design Cincinnati: At Home to the rescue. Our in-person luncheon is something we can all look forward to, from picking out our outfits, to gathering together for a celebratory champagne, to sitting down to a delicious lunch and a great speaker. The whole package adds up to a day of fun. And sometimes, it seems like the fun is what we're missing in our lives now. That's why we're encouraging our attendees to make a fun day out of it. Get dressed! Plan a fun lunch! Maybe pour a daytime cocktail. It's a special day because we'll all be together.

Special thanks to our loyal supporter, Nora Fink, for sharing some style tips on looking and feeling our best while on a Zoom call. She has some great outfit tips, plus some recommendations on lighting and location.

Thanks for the great tips, Nora! You can learn more from Nora by contacting her to schedule a consultation. We can't think of a better time to clean out your closet!

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