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Spring Forward... Staying Focused on Our Mission

We like to plan… and we hate to cancel.  What a spring this has been!  We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of Design Cincinnati: At Home, a virtual event series. As a team, we did a quick and creative pivot to approach our fundraising efforts differently and we produced two Virtual Design Events in April. While many organizations are taking events off the table, we created a way to continue our mission to make life better for children in need. While our annual luncheon is on pause until 2021, the needs of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital march on, and in fact, have grown in light of the COVID19 pandemic. 

For the past five years the AOV has supported the be.well program, run through the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy departments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We applaud their program resilience as they adapt to social distancing protocols, and introduce be.well cooking and be.well gardening as new outlets for overall wellness as the be.well anywhere program. We think it’s a beautiful partnership with Design Cincinnati: At Home, where we can be.well anywhere!

Our first Design Cincinnati: At Home event was a virtual tour hosted by Susanna Salk, who with her photographer Stacey Bewkes, walked us through her new book, At Home in the English Countryside: Designers and their Dogs.  It was a lovely escape and a big success. Next we welcomed event planner extraordinaire, Bronson van Wyck, who hosted a happy hour conversation with his friend and local designer Margot Good.  We all miss parties and it was so much fun to get a behind the scenes tour of some incredible events featured in his book Born to Party, Forced to Work.  If you missed these events and would like to see the video replays, they are available on our website.

The history of the Convalescent Hospital for Children dates back to 1832 when Cincinnati was devastated by cholera.  There was a polio epidemic in the early 1950’s that posed risks to the children of our city. In both cases, the Association of Volunteers went to work. We now face COVID19 and it’s tragic effects. At the core of each challenge, for decades, our organization has remained focused on the mission: bettering the lives of children.

Now in our 55th year, the AOV remains dedicated to our goal of raising funds for the Convalescent Hospital for Children, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We invite you to join our efforts and consider a contribution, not in anticipation of a beautiful fall luncheon, but as a loyal supporter of our mission.  

We look forward to being with you in person at our fall 2021 event when we can again celebrate the art of beautiful living!

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