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Meet Bronson van Wyck

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

“Remember that it’s supposed to be fun.  If you let the enormity of a party overwhelm you, it will never be fun.”   

- Bronson van Wyck

Entertaining is about helping people feel good.  When you take a look at the success of Bronson van Wyck, you realize quickly that his vision is all about the guest experience.  The fundamentals of hospitality don’t change. Entertaining is in his blood. The wedding of his parents, in fact, was so stunning that it was featured in Town & Country magazine.  He founded the business with his mom, Mary Lynn, and his sister, Mimi is also a partner.

Generous, unpretentious, & relaxed, Bronson was curating amazing parties, even during his college years at Yale. He understood early on that great parties are about how people feel from the minute they walk in.  Guests are welcomed, usually with abundant food and drink upon arrival, and there are often surprises to delight as the night unfolds.

Do things always go as planned?  Certainly not! There are countless examples, invisible to the guests, where behind the scenes “fixing” by Bronson and his team made even the impossible look easy.  It’s one of the reasons Van Wyck & Van Wyck has earned the business of politicians, A-listers, and royals. From theme parties in Mykonos to museum galas, his portfolio is a visual splendor.

Bronson van Wyck brings people together.  It’s very clear that he is in the business to promote a generosity of spirit.  People always remember how you made them feel.  

It’s our great pleasure to welcome Bronson to Design Cincinnati: at Home, to discuss the essentials of party planning and his book, Born to Party, Forced to Work.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.  All proceeds go to assist COVID 19 related priorities at  Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

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