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From the Bottom of Our Hearts...

From the bottom of our hearts...

That seems like a good place to start.  How do you begin to thank people who exceed your every expectation in the most organic way?  

Let’s pretend we had planned to take a trip.  Instead of coordinating outfits and itinerary and packing our bags….the trip was cancelled.  So sad. We still had dreams of seeing new places and being with our family and friends.

We're convinced, now more than ever, that every interaction knits people together in the most beautiful way.  Enter Susanna Salk.

Who could have predicted when she was our guest speaker for Design Cincinnati in 2018 that she would circle back with our group in advance of the release of her new book?  And, who could have guessed that we would find a way to work together again, in the middle of a stay at home mandate and global pandemic to produce a lovely event? These are the most unusual times, and yet, beauty finds a way.

We had so much fun working with Susanna and her fellow designer, photographer, and friend Stacey Bewkes.  These women have travelled the world, visiting the spectacular homes of prominent designers and style makers.  And yet, in the middle of our lockdown at home, they partnered with us, heading into uncharted territory as we introduced Design Cincinnati: At Home. It was the trip we got to take afterall, to visit the English countryside with our friends.  Magic.

Design Cincinnati is known for our swanky swag bags.  We take a lot of pride in the goodies procured from our fabulous sponsors for our guests.  It seemed only appropriate that we would assemble a little “thank you” swag for our lovely speakers.  Here’s where the real magic appears.  

Shops are closed, but our friends at Pomegranate & Lime helped select and gift wrapped beautiful Cincinnati themed candles. Our friends at EVOLO design gave us staging style tips. The Scout Guide is a valued partner who always helps us promote and always shows up… often with more swag!  Plaine Products is making a difference in the world by reducing the amount of single use plastics. They also make great hair care and body care products, and hey, they too, are friends of Design Cincinnati. Nora Fink popped on our social to give some tips on looking our best for a virtual call.  Finally, thanks to The English Contractor himself, Craig Russell, for setting the stage for our virtual trip to England. (And, for all the on-site building and staging he does for us at our in-person event every year.) And of course, no luncheon is complete without lunch! Thank you to The Birch, our favorite local  lunch spot, for coordinating beautiful salads for pick-up on the day of our event.  

The list goes on, but the message is simple:  There is magic in community. From the bottom of our hearts.. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.  And, deepest thanks for those of you who make it all possible by sharing your time, talents and resources with us.  

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