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It's About Love

Lesson #1: Guests come to a party because they love you.  They show up. Sure, you may greet them with salty snacks and delicious cocktails… but they come because they want to be with you.

Bronson van Wyck showed up.  Margot Good showed up.  Did they ever!!  They donated their time and talents to put a little Happy in our Hour, along with providing a little escape from the reality of being stuck at home. We got to take an inside peek at some fabulous parties.  It was like being hosted by friends. How fun was that?  And so many of you, our wonderful supporters of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, showed up.  

Lesson #2:  “Hospitality is an exchange of love,” according to van Wyck.  Happy Hour with Bronson comes with a glimpse of philosophy and some pretty sound insight. He makes the case that breaking bread together and making people feel good just may make the world a nicer place.  We think so, too.

Lesson #3: Sometimes disaster is the perfect spice.  Things go wrong.  That’s one thing we can count on for sure.  It’s the magic that happens after a splashy fall luncheon gets cancelled.  It’s the dash of try and the pinch of creative will that turn limes into margaritas.  Little did we know what a response Design Cincinnati: at Home would receive.  And little did we know what a difference a partner like Bronson van Wyck could make in our quest to support Children’s Hospital.  We are big fans… and so very grateful.  Thank you, Bronson.

Thanks to the fabulous Margot Good, the amazing team at Design Cincinnati, the unwavering support of Bahl & Gaynor, the beautiful shirts from Jonathan Mezibov, and the attendance of our wonderful guests.  We are so proud to support the be.well program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and related COVID current priorities.  With a clear focus on our mission… together… we found a way. After all, it’s about love. 

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