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Steps to Wellness

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Twice a week, a group of us gets together. We put aside our usual discussions of decor and design. And we lace up our running shoes. Sure, we love design, decor, fashion. But this is what we’re all about. 

We’re thrilled to support the Be,Well program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Coordinated by the Hospital’s Occupational and Physical Therapy departments, this is a program to help kids with special needs train for a 5K. This training program takes place at Fleet Feet Sports in Oakley. 

Funds raised through Design Cincinnati helps get these kids on the road. Each child who participates in Be.Well receives a new pair of shoes and a FitBit to help track their progress. The FitBit helps give the OT/PT department valuable data about each child’s individual activity, that helps not only tailor individual therapy programs but also contributes to research on the positive impact of exercise and wellness. 

Take a look at these pictures, though, and you’ll see that this program goes well beyond physical exercise. There’s a always a camaraderie in training for a big event with a group. But there’s something special about this one. When this group meets, there’s such a positive energy that you can feel it. The sidewalks of Oakley are filled with laughter and cheers as this group crushes its goals each week. Each runner is paired up with a running buddy, a personal coach and cheerleader combined. Our Be.Well runners aren’t the only ones benefiting from this program, we’ll admit. This is one of those amazing instances where we have to ask ourselves they question: who is helping whom?

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