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Beauty Finds a Way

Beauty finds a way. During uncertainty or times of trouble, we learn to practice a mantra of gratitude. The helpers always show up.

These are most unique times. We plan events. Not garden variety, rubber chicken luncheons. We plan Design Cincinnati, a boutique luncheon featuring a design lecture, gorgeous tablescapes, a carefully curated menu, and a high touch experience for our guests. We also raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It is our Why. It’s become THE design event of the fall and we delight in producing it every year. But not this year.

In a season of incredible social distancing, we are finding creative ways to stay connected. We need each other more than ever right now. Out of deep respect and gratitude to our wonderful sponsors, we are postponing our fall event to 2021. What fun it will be when we can come together again to celebrate the art of beautiful living… and the joy of community.

Our sponsors make these efforts possible. They are the helpers that always show up. It’s their generous donations of time, money and resources that bring our vision to life, allowing us to have so much fun raising money for a great cause We really could not do it without them.

As you consider the projects pending around your homes, think about the edits in your closet, and plan your next meals dining out… please remember the businesses on the list below. They are the magic-makers, the fountains of generosity, and some awfully nice people here in our neighborhoods.

With deepest gratitude to our wonderful sponsors.


Design Cincinnati

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